One topic each week. 3 ways to make a difference.

mental health 

read this a4

on how to talk about mental health with someone you're worried about

Instigating a conversation when you're suffering can be very difficult. Could you take on the responsibility and raise the topic for a friend? 


buy bread, better

and support a training programme for adults recovering from mental ill health 

The Better Health Bakery in Haggerston is well worth a stop. It's an artisan bakery that trains adults in hands-on cooking skills. Danish pastry, anyone? 

volunteer your skills

and help nightline support young people in crisis

Nightline is a listening service for students. It's almost exclusively run by volunteers and they're currently looking for people to help with policy, PR and fundraising. 1 to 3 hours a week. Could it be you?


Interested? we've written a 3 minute piece on:

The scale of mental ill health in the UK. What's being done about it. More ways you can be involved.