why we exist

apathy sucks

There are a fair few things going on in the world which are a bit crap.

There are a fair few people in the world who want to do something about the crap things.

We exist to help cut the crap. 

Doing good should be more straightforward. More fun. More impactful. We're here to help make that happen. 

Why? Because apathy sucks. There is more that we can do, together and apart, to make our world a better one. 

WHAT we do

Each week

We consider one challenge our society faces. We choose which on the basis of what you tell us makes you maddest

We do our homework on the roots of the problem, it's scale and who is working on solving it. It's important to set problems in context in order to build a view of how you can fit into ending them. 

We highlight three ways you can tackle the problem. They will be specific, they will allow for the fact we all have different things to offer - be that time, money or our voices - and, more often than not, they will be fun. Doing good need not be burdensome. 

Each Friday, we clean up. Last week's topic will disappear from the front of the website, into our archive, and be replaced by this week's. Something new. We'll deliver our content in beautiful form to your inbox to mark the occasion.  



Hello. My name is Ele. I think one of the most interesting, inspiring and sometimes heartbreaking phenomena of our time is the new-found value of meaning. In it is an ambition and an ability to contribute to building a better world. Many people share it. However, I’ve found, it’s really hard to know what to do with that. I am interested and sad looking at all the challenges going on in the places I know. I want to understand them. If possible, I want to signpost ways of doing something about them. Consumed is my way of trying to learn and share the scraps I do. If you ever want to write for us / or to chat, just message me. My full time job is selling avocados for the world’s best organic company, GreenPath Food.